Welcome To Professional Car Trainers

About Me:

Hai I am Velan having driving licence for 22 years with 16 years of driving experience throughout tamil nadu. In the year 2006 we started our car driver service and at the same time i started my own driver training institute.

Now more than 700 people had been trained by me all over Tamil nadu. The best thing about getting trained by me is that anybody can drive a car by clearly understanding the concept of driving, and specially i will guide them individually and make them a perfect driver within the 10 days driving class with their flexible timing.

My training to the learners will not end within their training period but also i will monitor them after their training period. I am not only teach the learners how to drive but also the rules and safety precaution and what to do, what not to do while driving.

About Coaching:

If you want to become a driver you should know the following procedures:

1. How to drive a car

2. How to use the accessories (Accelerator brake and clutch) in the city traffic limit with systematically

3. The speed limitation of each and every gears

So the first 3-5 days you will be trained in the vast blank road after the 5th day you will be given training on the road sense, traffic signals, track change, u turn, left and right turns parking reverse and side views.